Self care & health resources

American College of Ob-Gyns
Medical advice on women’s health topics ranging from pregnancy and postpartum to menopause.

Leia Postpartum Care App
This free app helps new moms track their symptoms, get support, and manage their overall health in the first year after birth.

Frida Mom
Product maker with all the stuff you wish your local drug store carried, from c-section recovery kits to breast engorgement relief.

Dr. Jack Newman’s Visual Guide to Breastfeeding
30-min intro video on getting a baby to latch and basic troubleshooting. It’s a little weird, but it works.

Postpartum Support International
Support organization with a help line, virtual support groups, and resources for new parents facing emotional challenges while pregnant or postpartum.

Like Tinder, but for making mom friends. You can also join groups, ask advice, and hear from experts on various mom topics.

Career guidance

Fairy God Boss
This website is like a Glassdoor for women, with company reviews about ‘leave benefits’ and whether women employees feel treated fairly.

Mother Honestly
Community that offers advice, events, and content to support working mothers.

A private membership network for women executives, with events and networking opportunities to find a mentor and grow.

Support network for women and their employers, with events, meetups, and summits.

The Mom Project
Job board and community to help moms re-enter or stay in the workforce. Partnered with 2k companies. US only.
Job board connecting small businesses with parents that want part-time, remote work. Jobs include office assistant, project manager, and marketing manager.

Community support, awareness, & involvement

Bipartisan Policy Center
Funds research into bipartisan solutions for offering paid parental leave.

A SaaS company focused on helping corporations achieve gender equality by providing internal data transparency and reporting.

National Conference of State Legislatures
Summary of family and medical leave laws by state.

Economic Case for Parental Leaves
15-minute TED Talk outlining why the US needs to create maternity leave protections. It’s smart, funny, and has 1.5M+ views.

National Partnership for Women & Families
A non-profit organization focused policies to support women & families, including access to paid leave and affordable health care.

Paid Leave for All
A national campaign focused on making paid family and medical leave a right for all working Americans. It outlines ways to take action and help influence public policy.

This list is a work in progress. See something missed? Contact me here.